Teaching life skills in medical education

Online event via Zoom

April 8, 2021


9:00-9:30Tibor Bartha, Míra Mándoki, Karl Kremser

Lada Radin
Short introduction on SOFTVETS project

Joze Rugeli
Technical issues
9:30-10:10Sarah Baillie & Philip Duffus
Rapid expansion of Clinical skills labs in veterinary Establishments
10:10-10:50Renate Weller & Stephen May
Students as creators – Engaging students in their own learning through student led educational projects
10:50-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:40Nicole Mastenbroek
What research tells us about positive and negative mental well being
11:40-12:20Vlatko Ilienski
Ethical matrix framework and norms of veterinary profession
12:50-13:30Harm Peters
Entrepreneurship Education in Medicine
13:30-14:10Birgit Hladschik-Kermer
What and How to teach communication skills in veterinary medicine
14:10-14:50Natalia Strokowsak
Online communication in verts – why and how could we make it better?
14:50-15:00Tibor Bartha
University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest

Jörg-Ingolf Stein
University of Innsbruck